New Step by Step Map For background

image - imagine; conceive of; see in a single's thoughts; "I am unable to see him on horseback!"; "I'm able to see what's going to occur"; "I am able to see a threat in this tactic"

image - a visual illustration (of the object or scene or man or woman or abstraction) created on the area; "they showed us the images in their wedding"; "a Film is often a series of images projected so swiftly the eye integrates them"

influence, effect - an outward look; "he manufactured a very good effect"; "I needed to generate an perception of achievements"; "she retained that bold effect in her reproductions of the original painting"

rhetorical gadget - a usage of language that produces a literary result (but often devoid of regard for literal significance)

Rugged mountains kind the background of your valley for the east, down from which comes murmuring the fleet but shallow Teivi.

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image - the final effect that some thing (somebody or Corporation or product) presents to the public; "While her preferred image was contrived it served to inspire songs and pageantry"; "the corporation tried to undertaking an altruistic image"

bitmap, Digital image - an image represented for a two dimensional assortment of brightness values for pixels

one : to deliver with background … a richly backgrounded review of a silent movie star …— Hollis Alpert

People who happy to take action were being allowed to repose implicit faith in an sick-favoured god with a significant bottle-nose and fat shapeless arms crossed upon his breast; even though others worshipped an image which, getting no likeness either in heaven or on the planet, could barely be named an idol.

applies to all the exterior variables that have a formative impact on one particular's physical, psychological, or moral enhancement. the type of atmosphere

cakewalk - an easy accomplishment; "profitable the Match was a cakewalk for him"; "invading Iraq won't be a cakewalk"

two : to read more provide less consideration or emphasis to (some thing) : to position (some thing) from the background Graham peoples her novel with genuine, endearing people and keeps the grisly murders tactfully backgrounded … — Publishers Weekly Evaluations

c : an image that shows on the monitor underneath the assorted out there icons and windows utilizing a family photograph as her Personal computer background

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